Thursday, 26 March 2009

Tip of the Day: Convert AC3 to WAV Using MPlayer

Say you have an audio AC3 file and you want to convert it to WAV in order to work with it in Audacity or some other audio manipulation application. One of the methods is to use mplayer, included in the Debian Multimedia repositories.

The command to convert the desired file to WAV is:

mplayer -ao pcm:file=output_file.wav input_file.ac3

This command will convert input_file.ac3 to output_file.wav, using the PCM audio output driver.

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Anonymous said...

Install mplayer and oggenc using Yum/Synaptic or whatever.
Open a simple texteditor like Gedit.
Copy/paste the text below into it and name it "" or whatever.
Goto terminal and go to the file "".
type:chmod a+x
Copy/paste the file to the location of the shn files. Double click the "" file or run from terminal.
#simple shn lossless conversion to very good Ogg Vorbis files#
#free software GNU#
#no owner, last edited by GJS#

for nam in *.shn; do nice mplayer -ao pcm "$nam" -ao pcm:file="$nam.wav" && nice oggenc -q5 "$nam.wav" -o "$(basename "$nam" .shn).ogg"; rm "$nam.wav"; done