Thursday, 18 September 2008

Tip of the Day: Change the Font Size of Firefox UI (User Interface)

Sometimes the default font for the Firefox interface is either too small or too large, so in order to adjust it you will only need to edit the file userChrome-example.css located in the ~/.mozilla/firefox/RANDOM_CHARACTERS.default/chrome/ directory, where ~ is your home directory.

For example, the full path where this file is located can look like:


Open it with a text edit and add the following after the last comment:

* {font-size: 7pt !important;}

You can experiment and see what size is the one that suits your needs, for example 9pt or 12pt instead of 7pt. Next, save the file with the name userChrome.css in the same directory. You will have to restart Firefox in order for changes to take effect.

Updated: Oct 18, 2008


Unknown said...

Cheers mate, although it boggles the mind as to why firefox can't just use a sane method of picking a font :(

sli said...

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