Sunday, 26 September 2010

Shotwell - The New Photo Manager in Ubuntu 10.10

As many of you already know, Shotwell will replace F-Spot in the next Ubuntu release, Maverick Meerkat, which is scheduled for October 10. Shotwell is a GTK photo management application which organizes your photos in a collection, allows them to be tagged and rated, and more.

Shotwell 0.7.2 in Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat Beta

This article is about Shotwell 0.7.2, the latest release, which is included now on the beta release of Ubuntu Maverick. Here are its most important features:

- import photos from F-Spot or from a folder
- view detailed meta info about photos
- set ratings and tags
- filter images
- preview all images, view photos as slideshow, view in fullscreen mode
- sort photos by title, date or rating
- edit in external image editor
- publish photos to Facebook, Flickr or Picasa Web Albums

Publishing to Facebook

- export photos to JPEG or PNG, with the possibility to rescale them

Exporting photos

Shotwell will also organize photos using the so-called "events", sorting them depending on the date they were taken.


Anonymous said...

And Shotwell has the added bonus of NOT 
being written in Mono-C#.

Win-win for free software.

Bryn said...

Does anyone know if Shotwell will import videos as well as photos from digital cameras? gThumb (or whatever it was) prior to F-spot used to do this, but now those files are just ignored.

Serious usability loss in my opinion given it's practically impossible to buy a new camera that doesn't have video recording capabilities.

Anonymous said...

use digikam, it's so much better. I know it's KDE but it works absolutely fine in gnome. Much much better than shotwell or f-spot

Anonymous said...

Shotwell is billed as a 'Photo Manager'. Why all the excitement about video? I know that most cameras have video capability nowadays but the developers should IMHO concentrate on producing a usable photo manage.

It does not import .tif images which is a major shortcoming as far as I am concerned. I dread to think what else it can't handle.

I note that the developers are aware of this but there seems no movement so far.

Thomas said...

Another feature of Shotwell,is that it is a bug fix release. Some of the bugs they got rid of are:
Cancelling Flickr upoload causes crashes.
Creating a new album with an ampersand(&) in the name causes crashes.
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Roger said...

I've just installed Ubuntu 10.10 and upgraded to 11.04. I used to run FreeBSD, but almost entirely from the command line. The windows managers in X Windoes then were just too much trouble and Wine was in its infancy, so I didn't do much there. Frankly, I don't love the Gnome desktop, but I can live with it and I suppose I'll eventually learn to like it, but I HATE the Shotwell program. I'm spoiled. I was used to Picasa in Windows XP. Even the Canon software for downloading from my camera was better than Shotwell. I don't want to have to spend hours adding tags or creating "events" to organize my pictures. I want a nice tree structure with folders showing the date the pictures were taken. After that I might want to organize them by themes or something -- Picasa "albums". Maybe I would get to like Shotwell if I spent more time working with it -- what, three months, six months? I'm not happy running Picasa under Wine, and if I can find a better program I'll use it.

Henry said...

Roger's comment is depressing. I came here hoping to find a replacement for Picasa, which I too am running under Wine (well, Crossover actually). I love the program's functionality and used it for years under Windows. It works OK in Ubuntu 10.04 but the fonts are unpleasant and printing is a nightmare: I have to boot a VirtualBox Windows image for that.

Any other comments in opposition to Roger's opinion?

Sarah Hall said...

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