Saturday, 26 December 2009

10 Most Popular Tips in 2009

Following the most popular TuxArena articles in 2009 post, here are the 10 most popular tips published here at TuxArena in 2009:

1. Install Adobe Flash Player 10 in Debian (for 32-bit architecture only)
A tutorial on how to manually install Flash Player in Debian Lenny.

2. Split APE Files Using a CUE File
A tutorial which shows how to manipulate APE (Monkey's Audio) files, and how to split them depending on the info found in a CUE file.

3. Convert MKV to AVI using mencoder
This is a short tip which has a one-liner showing how to convert MKV-encoded videos to xvid.

4. Easily Close a Port in Linux
Tip which shows how to close ports in Linux.

5. Convert OGV to FLV Using ffmpeg
How to convert OGV (the free Theora video format) to Flash Video.

6. Use lm-sensors to Monitor Your Hardware
Tutorial on how to install and use the lm-sensors utility to monitor CPU temperature, voltages and more.

7. Split FLAC or WAV Files Using a CUE File
Tutorial which shows how to use cuebreakpoints and shnsplit tools to split FLAC or WAV when a CUE file is available.

8. Easily Start a Dedicated Urban Terror Server
How to start a dedicated server for the popular Urban Terror game.

9. Convert AC3 to WAV Using MPlayer
One-liner on how to convert AC3 audio to WAV with mplayer.

10. Make a Memory Usage Script
Tutorial which shows a practical Bash script for memory usage.

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