Sunday, 23 August 2009

World of Padman: Open-Source First-Person Shooter Game for Linux

World of Padman is an open-source, cartoon-style first-person shooter game available for Linux too, besides Windows and Mac. It is a wonderful standalone game based upon the Quake 3 engine.

World of Padman (or WoP for short) features a cartoon-style approach, with maps, characters, weapons and sounds all based upon the Padman animation series. For example, the weapons include Punchy, a funny puppet used for close combat (which will also allow you to move faster), the Bubble G, which shoots bubble gums, or the Splasher, a sniper-equivalent from other games. World of Padman also includes four different player models, each with several other colour customisations.

One of the drawback is that currently (as of patch 1.2) single player mode hasn't been implemented yet, instead WoP servers are usually crowded and you can get playing online in seconds.

The gameplay is somewhat similar to the one of Quake 3, and there are well-known mods like TDM (team deathmatch) or FFA (free for all) available.

Regarding graphics, the visual detail is awesome for a game based on Quake 3, maps featuring colorful, visually-appealing textures.

The official website offers downloads for Linux, Windows and Mac. For Linux, all you have to do is download the (currently) files and, make them executables:

chmod 755
chmod 755

Then run them to install the game. First run to install:


And next, install the 1.2 patch too:


WoP can be installed as normal user or as root. Notice that the configuration directory is ~/.WoPadman (W is uppercase), where ~ is your home directory.

One of the few drawbacks (well, except lack of single player) was the fact that when running or bunny-hopping, pressing the right/left keys won't make the character dodge in that direction, so controlling your character may be a little different than in other Quake 3 based games and may need a little time to adjust. I don't know if there is a reason for this (so maybe it's meant this way) or not.

World of Padman can be really addictive and I can warmly recommend it to any Linux gamers who like FPS games and are looking for something new.
Download World of Padman


muhaafiz said...

Looks awesome! Will try it out. Hope they come out with a single-player mode soon. Thanks for the post!

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it is a modification of Quake III Arena titled Padmod created in 2004.

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