Sunday, 3 May 2009

K9Copy - Powerful DVD Backup Tool for KDE4

K9Copy is a KDE application which allows to transcode and backup your DVDs. K9Copy is one of the big players when it comes to DVD transcoding, together with dvd::rip and AcidRip, allowing to encode DVD ISO images and mounted DVDs too.
It allows to copy DVDs without menus using dvdauthor, which, as the name suggests, is a tool that helps you create menus, buttons and chapters. K9Copy supports various video and audio codecs, including Xvid, x264, WMV 7 and 8, RealVideo, MP3, AC3 or AAC. It can be set to use either mencoder or ffmpeg for MPEG-4 encoding, allows 2-pass encoding (which is slower but performs an improved, constant quality encoding), and it also allows you to select the size and number of output video files.

K9Copy 2.3.1

It has no fewer than 4 preview modes which can be set in the configuration dialogue: the internal previewer, mplayer, Xine and Phonon.


One of the nice things about K9Copy is that it also provides the option to extract only the audio, which can prove very useful for a concert/videos DVD for example.

The configuration dialogue allows to change the default settings for MPEG-4 encoding, add devices, select the DVD size, enable/disable the use of dvdauthor and customise the buttons' colours, default audio tracks and subtitles, edit settings for video/audio codecs, select the preview mode, and change the paths for the tools which are used by it.


I think K9Copy is the most fit DVD transcoding and backup utility for KDE users. It has subtitle support, an easy to use interface, a preview mode and also dvdauthor inclusion.


Anonymous said...

does it convert to iPod format?

Bruce said...

use handbrake for that:

Anonymous said...

There are only two Windows applications I still use, under WINE: dvd decrypter and dvd shrink.

If I ever get a media-PC put together, they will be obsolete, but for now I still want to let my 6-year old work her own dvds, and take them traveling, without endangering the originals, menus, "extras" and all.

Dâniel Fraga said...

The only thing that K9Copy does bad is when it needs to decrypt a well protected DVD. It says it can remove bad sectors, but there're lot of DVDs out there that K9Copy will not copy well. For those, I still prefer to use DVDFab Free through Wine.

Rick said...

In the k9copy options the
"use dvdauthor for copy without menus"
-is enabled by default

I still have trouble figuring this out?
:),...false positive?
depending on my dvd's I've had to either disable(rarely) this, or leave it enabled to accieve a succesful image (.iso).

does dvdauthor translate/transcode the original menus onto the eventual image file or what ?

thx ahead for any info.