Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Tip of the Day: Easily Convert Lossless WMA to Ogg Vorbis

One easy and fast method to convert WMA to Ogg Vorbis is to use the dir2ogg script included in the repositories. To install it, type as root:

apt-get install dir2ogg

Then use it like:

dir2ogg file.wma

Or, if you have several WMA files in a directory:

dir2ogg *.wma

Notice that it is not a good idea to convert lossy WMA audio to Ogg since the quality will degrade, it's better to use this on WMA lossless only.


PaYul said...

doesn't work for me !
as any other soundconverter, it needs to read the format before converting it (xcuse my english, i'm french)
and it seems WMA lossless doesn't on ubuntu...
does it on yours ?

Anonymous said...

Yo, this does apparently not work with WMA-Lossless! I have now searched the nets for quite a while, without finding any Linux solution for WMAL... :-(