Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Round-up: Most Popular Posts in 2008

10 Essential Applications Included in Ubuntu 8.10
Review with screenshots of 10 essential applications included in Ubuntu 8.10 'Intrepid Ibex', the latest Ubuntu release.

Kubuntu 8.10 'Intrepid Ibex' Beta Screenshots Tour
This article briefly reviews Kubuntu 8.10 about a week before the release, including screenshots with KDE4.

3 Classic First-Person Shooter Games for Linux
Here's a review of 3 popular and classic first-person shooter games available for the Linux platform, which made history over time: Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Unreal Tournament 2004 and ioQuake 3.

Ubuntu 8.10 'Intrepid Ibex' Beta Screenshots Tour
Although the screenshots were took before the release to happen, it pretty much sums up the look of default Ubuntu, not the new DarkRoom theme.

Compiling C/C++ Code in Ubuntu and Available IDEs
This article is addressed to new users who want to study C/C++ and need basic guidance. I also included several brief reviews for most popular IDEs out there, like Kate, KDevelop, Code::Blocks or Emacs. It does not contain much technical information, so it's suited for beginners.

5 Simple APT Tricks for Debian and Ubuntu
As the title suggests, this article shows five tricks for one of the most powerful package management system among the Linux distributions: APT.

7 Reasons to Pick Ubuntu and When Not to Choose It
Somewhat of an essay on why and when to pick Ubuntu, and when it's probably a better idea to go with another distribution.

13 Terminal Emulators for Linux
Not really a review, this article lists and briefly describes 13 terminal emulators for Linux.

Tip of the Day: Install Adobe Flash Player 10 in Debian
Although the scope of these articles (tip of the day) is to reduce the quantity of information to a minimum and only present small tips, this is rather a tutorial for installing Flash Player 10 in Debian. Note: Only for 32-bit hardware.

Mount CD/DVD Images (ISO/BIN/NRG) Using AcetoneISO2 in Debian and Ubuntu
A short tutorial on how to install and use AcetoneISO2, a popular application for mounting CD/DVD images.

3 Best Video Players for Linux: SMPlayer, VLC and Kaffeine
A review of three of the most popular video players out there: the popular, cross-platform video player built in Qt4, the older version of VLC built in wxWidgets and the KDE3 version of Kaffeine.

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