Sunday, 12 September 2010

AcetoneISO: Easily mount CD/DVD Images in Linux

AcetoneISO is an application that uses Fuse (Filesystem in Userspace) in order to mount ISO, NRG, BIN, MDF, IMG and various other disk images.

AcetoneISO 2.2.2 in Kubuntu

Among the nice features AcetoneISO provides are:

- integration with KDE, GNOME, Xfce and LXDE (by integrating with the default file managers of these desktop environments - Dolphin, Nautilus, Thunar and PCManFM)
- support to mount ISO, NRG, BIN, MDF and IMG images
- convert different types of images to ISO
- extract image content to a directory
- generate ISO image from folder or the CD/DVD drives
- system tray integration

By default, AcetoneISO creates empty directories in $HOME/virtual_drives/, in which it mounts the images. You can browse these directories to access the contents of any mounted disk image.

AcetoneISO also uses mencoder (which will have to be installed manually, since it's only a 'suggest' dependency - at least in Ubuntu) in order to rip DVDs to Xvid, download YouTube videos, or convert FLV videos to AVI, or extract audio from a video file, for which you will have to manually install ffmpeg.

I noticed that AcetoneISO crashes with a segmentation fault when trying to use one of the options 'Erase CD-RW' or 'Erase DVD+RW' and there is no disk in the drive.

The configuration dialogue allows you to set up a disk image database, select which video player to use for playing DVD images or enable and disable the system tray.

Except for the few bugs (and the occasional crashes), AcetoneISO may be a good choice for those who like GUI more than the command line.

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$ sudo apt-get install acetoneiso