Monday, 28 December 2009

digiKam 1.1 Planned for the End of January 2010

Only a few days have passed since digiKam 1.0 was released to the delight of its users, and the developers already announced that version 1.1 will be available by the end of January 2009. According to the official announcement, digiKam 1.1 will be a bugfix release to the stable 1.x series.

digiKam is a powerful, open-source photo management application for KDE 4, which has support for various image manipulation plugins, importing or exporting photos, and organising your entire photographies in collections sorted by albums.

The announcement also asks for digiKam users to submit splash screens for the next version of digiKam. From the article: "So, time has come to find the ideal splash-screens to go with it. Now is your chance to join the ranks of the precious few who have had their artwork associated with a release of digiKam!"

For compiling and installing digiKam in Ubuntu 9.10 see this post.

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John said...

Thanks for the article! I have mainly tried Ubuntu and its derivatives, and I am ready finally going to try something new, but easy to use.Digikam is open source and also very useful for photo support so i will sure upgrade it!
r4 sdhc