Monday, 22 June 2009 - Firefox Add-on for Radio and More

I've recently started to make a post every two or three days (well, except for the period the blog was inactive) in which I review a potential useful Firefox add-on. Today I decided upon, an add-on which will integrate in Firefox and will allow you to play music directly from within your browser.

For those of you who are not familiar with, it is a music service which allows you to listen to custom radio stations, submit the music you listen to, make friends, talk on forums, create and join groups of listeners and discuss various music topics, and much more. I think its the greatest music service available today, and it's free (well, except for the radio subscription which was recently introduced). toolbar and integration into Firefox is a free, BSD-licensed add-on for Firefox . You can download and install it from the Mozilla add-ons page, restart Firefox and grant permission to login into your account. allows you to select which radio station you want to play, it controls the volume, and it also creates a toolbar which you can enable or disable, just like the one for StumbleUpon. is customisable and will also create a Tools menu entry, for quick access the all the functions it provides.


I warmly recommend to those who listen to radio and don't need an audio player (or their client), preferring instead to use the web browser.

The menu entry

Download and Install from the Mozilla add-ons page
Official website

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