Saturday, 25 October 2008

Wine 1.1.7 Released

Wine 1.1.7 was released yesterday, October 25, 2008. According to the announcement on the official website, some major changes and improvements in this release are: improved device management for DOS drives, many RichEdit fixes, basic Direct3D 10 implementation and various bug fixes.

You can download packages for Ubuntu and Debian as well as for other distributions from here. The source code can be obtained from the project page (direct link).

I created two tutorials which show how to compile and install the last release of Wine in Ubuntu and Debian:

Install Wine 1.1.5 in Ubuntu 8.04 from the WineHQ APT Repository
You will only need to add their APT repository address in /etc/apt/sources.list and install Wine after doing a sudo apt-get update.

Compile and Install Wine 1.1.4 in Ubuntu 8.04
Tutorial showing how to compile Wine from source in Ubuntu 8.04.

Both tutorials work for 1.1.7 too.

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